We, Akarshan Industries who have 23 years of experience in construction of buildings wish to present you a brand new Ready Home. Ready home is a 500 sq.ft home with great durability. This home is made using pre-stressed concrete technology. The house contains 2 bedrooms, a kitchen and a living room. This project is eco friendly as it is made up of 0% of wood. No wood has been used during the construction. Another fact is that the windows and doors are made up of concrete. Jindal PUF sheets is used in the roof of the house. It is sound proof and heat proof too. It can keep cool atmosphere inside the house. In the construction of this project, water of just 250 liters are used. This house is constructed to suit for all seasons. It is good for dry constructions. Electric points are made during the manufacturing process itself. The wall of ready home is made using ready wall technology. Due to the polymer cement applied during the construction, the strength of the house is made to be strong and more durable.  The technology used in the construction is more strong and durable than normal constructions. Anti Fungus paints are applied to the wall prevents fungus and also beautifies the house. Ready home can be used mainly for guest house and  farm house. The engineering works of this project is done by Sri Ganesh Associates .